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Congratulations to Alibaba, one of Primeton's customers, on their historic record breaking IPO on the NYSE.

Primeton Software is the World’s Leader in Transforming Enterprise Legacy Transaction Processing Systems


Primeton Software’s applications are the choice of 1100 enterprises and financial institutions in 43 countries, including Alibaba.com, ICBC, Bank of China, and China Mobile.  Primeton Software’s proven technologies automate and process more than 200 million daily transactions. Its solutions help organizations smoothly migrate from legacy transaction processing systems to current technologies.


At BAI, Primeton will launch its eGlobal payment and fulfillment platform built on its SOA platform, a proven and secure payment solution with transaction integrity, regulatory compliance, real-time audit and user entitlement, and data analytics.  Compatible with all major mobile platforms, it has been designed to enable incremental migration.


Extend the longevity of the legacy systems through life intelligently planned. Protect investments made in the legacy systems by investing "incrementally" to the migration path.