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Congratulations to Alibaba, one of Primeton's customers, on their historic record breaking IPO on the NYSE.

About Primeton Software


Extend the longevity of the legacy systems through life intelligently planned. Protect your investments made in the legacy systems by investing "incrementally" to the migration path.


To meet the challenges facing the enterprises caused by the legacy status of client-server and mainframe business applications' inability to communicate directly to the web, Primeton Software, Inc. assists the enterprise in the migration of existing business functionalities and services on to the web through the deployment of its proven software solution suite (OVER 300 ENTERPRISE CUSTOMERS).

Primeton Software Inc. is the provider of the world's leading SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) based application platform to the enterprise market with an excess of 400 developer resources located throughout Asia. Primeton Software Inc. is one of the primary contributors of the SOA international standards SCA (Service Component Architecture) and SDO (Service Data Objects), and a key member of OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) e-commerce committee.

Primeton Software Inc. products include Enterprise On Service (EOS®), Business Transaction Platform (BTP®), Business Process Suite (BPS®), and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB®). We have sold and implemented our solution to the enterprise market, which include the following industries: banking, telecommunication, government, manufacturing, energy, transportation, healthcare, retail and e-commerce. The value drivers of our enterprise wide application development platform solution is to assist the enterprise customers to achieve lower cost in production, higher quality in products and services, faster delivery to market, and thus maintain the competitive edge.